Getting Started

Base Concepts

Robbie Visio is the most advanced emotional analytics platform for web, mobile and IoT in real time.

Instead of just measuring emotions from uploaded contents (images or videos), it helps you analyze and predict the Emotional Behavioral Points (EBP) that your customers felt whilst interacting via a platform, application or physical environment at a certain moment or moments in time (timestamp/sequence of timestamps), thanks to Contextual Properties (CP) describing actions carried by them, contextual information about what is going on, or events happening to them.


Robbie Visio™ is able to track the emotional output from your customers when they perform certain activities, and enables you to track those outputs by the moment they happened or were carried out and adds a layer to analyse them by characteristics or properties relative to these events.

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Emotional Behavioral Point

An Emotional Behavioral Point (EBP from now on) are the emotional outputs data points composed by:

  1. A Content sent. Content usually is an image embedded in a Frame object, but it can also be a Video (a sequence of frames), or a Real Time Communication Session (or RTC) that is equivalent to a video but with the live tracking.
  2. A moment of time when it happened, the Timestamp. In case of videos, the time where the video took place.
  3. A set of contextual Properties. Properties are a set of variables with a concrete value.


Videos and RTC contents are ordered sequences of EBS with its own Timestamp for each EBS, a certain FPS (Frames per Second), by default PS=1. Additionally they also have a start_utc_timestamp field, which indicates the moment the video or session was tracked. A real-time session is equivalent to a video but analyzed live. You can find more information in our Contents, Properties and Profiles.


Video and Real Time Communication contents may have some limitations for some tiers. They are now available after the Free Trial period. Should you have any questions or require more information contact

Contextual Properties

A Contextual Properties (CP or just Properties from now on) is the specific information attached to the EBP that is not related to the Content itself, but the context in which the action was analyzed. In other words, the set of property labels/keys and their values.

Properties can represent anything, i.e.:

  • Someone attending a video conference
  • Someone being tracked somewhere by a camera
  • A student doing some exercise in your educational platform
  • A user playing a certain screen on your app or game


A Profile is an special subset of Contextual Properties that describes the user being tracked. Those special properties are treated in a different way, as they enable a customer/based break down of the EBPs tracked in the platform or product.

When defining a profile, there should be at least a user_id property that must be unique among users and provided by the developer.

More detail about Profiles can be found in the next section Contents, Properties and Profiles.


There are only three things you really need to pay attention to whilst using Robbie Visio™: The content recorded, the occurrence timestamp and the optional properties attached including the profile. Robbie Visio® SDK's make the content grabbing and encoding and timestamp generation transparent to the developer, who will only have to worry about the specific properties of their platform/product they are interested in tracking along with emotions.

Where to go Next?

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